Theta Healing Sessions with Alpa

theta healing session
Theta Healing sessions with Alpa bring a feeling a sense of peace with improved quality in sleep.

Private Theta Healing Sessions

Theta Healing sessions with Alpa provide an amazing tool whereby it is possible to facilitate changes into your life in a very short period of time. Many clients feel the energetic shift by the end of their first session.

Alpa offers compassion and understanding for the difficulties clients are facing and resolving the issues they are looking to transform.

She is able to intuitively identify the limiting patterns of behaviour accurately and work with you to change these so that you may start to feel differently about those things that might be making you feel angry, sad or confused.

Sessions are available over Skype and telephone. Please pay then Alpa will contact you to arrange your session.

Sessions are now available in person in Central London by prior arrangement only.

Contact Alpa to arrange your session now online or by phone: 00 44 7935 813515

Clients have reported

  • feeling a sense of peace following  a session with improved quality in sleep
  • feeling instantly calmer and renewed
  • a deeper sense of clarity for how they came to be in a particular situation
  • understanding the root causes of their issues

These transformations have allowed them to:-

  • make informed decision away from fear and worry
  • remove themselves from ‘toxic’ situations
  • make positive choices that are more in line with their energetic vibration
  • feel more calm around difficult family relationships

For Alpa the answers to good health and well being lie in the ability to connect to what we are feeling emotionally and then do something about it.

For some people, this might be as simple as taking the time out of their busy schedule to exercise three times a week; for others, it may involve attending an Art class regularly. For Alpa, it was taking the time to listen to what her body and mind needed and thereby responding to her emotional needs.

Ill health is most often preceded by an imbalance in our personal circumstances. Many people are able to identify the moment they became ill. In her example, there were many individual things in a particular year that might have made her ill but it took an accumulation of these things to respond to her needs.

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation

Please use the contact form to arrange a free 15 minute consultation via Skype or telephone. You will be able to discuss whether ThetaHealing® could work for you and your concerns. Alpa will be able to advise you on a plan of action.

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Consultations 30 minutes
(Better suited to practitioners or those who have had sessions before)
60 minutes£125
Prescheduled packages
Quantum Leap:
6 week package

Includes welcome questionnaire and analysis, 5 sessions & email support throughout & 2 weeks after we finish£655
Game Of Life, Game Changer
(8 x 60 mins)
Via Skype
Each session will be pre-scheduled over 8 weeks
Quantum Transformation:
12 week package
Includes welcome questionnaire and analysis, 9 sessions & email support throughout & 3 weeks after we finish£1150