Sacred Activations

sacred activation

What are Sacred Activations™?

These were given to the founder, Tamra Oviatt by the Creator Of All That Is, also known as God or Source or Universal Energy of Creation.

This is the highest energy in the Universe, which is an energy of pure and unconditional love. This energy is beyond ego, beyond drama, beyond agenda and beyond fear.

It is an energy of complete acceptance and trust.

When we work through the Creator energy, we also bypass all of these limitations and work through that energy of Unconditional Love.

ALL  the activations originate with the Creator in that highest energy.

Tamra says that the Activations will activate Sacred Geometry symbols within you. The whole universe is made up of Sacred Geometry, including each of us.  The Activations line up our own sacred geometry so that each of us is functioning in full control and full power. They clear out genetic beliefs and belief systems and emotions we have stuck in our bodies that we have been plugged into and that control our lives. The SAs  disconnect you from all these belief systems, including the collective consciousness of those beliefs so that you can be in alignment with your sacred geometry and therefore truly be in your power and be the powerful creator you really are.

What’s their purpose?

Many of the Activations also unplug you from the collective or group consciousness. Often we can be controlled by the limiting programs of the group consciousness without us being aware of it. Coming out of this energy- which is often fear-based- frees us and raises our vibration.

A wonderful bonus to this work is that, when one person comes out, often many other people will follow. This means that as we change, we also raise the vibration of the planet. We shift the consciousness of the human race from fear to love.

Working with the Collective Consciousness

Planet Earth is going through a time of rapid evolution and transformation. The human race is shifting with the planet. At the 2012 winter solstice we moved from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension. Now we are shifting towards the 5th dimension.

In this shift, we are leaving behind the old energies of drama, resentment and conditionality and moving towards unconditional love. To do this, we need to release the old limiting beliefs and programming. These are held deep within our subconscious minds and the cells of our bodies, which have kept us stuck for so long.

The Sacred Activations liberate us from hundreds and thousands of limiting belief programs at a time, helping us to integrate and move forwards with the Earth easily and gently.




Alpa uses Sacred Activations in her client work

Since undertaking Sacred Advanced  Practitioner Training, Alpa uses these sacred energies in her practitioner work if she feels called to do so. They add an extra dimension and breadth and allow some issues to be resolved more quickly and efficiently.


Enjoy the first three Sacred Activations for free!