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Alpa is a genuine, caring and thoughtful practitioner who used her pharmaceutical training to give depth and knowledge to our Theta Healing session. After only one session I saw an improvement in an issue I had thought would take ages to get over. I would definitely recommend her services. Rachel Vipond Life Coach

Alpa is a true professional. She blends exactly the right amount of listening and doing into her Theta work. She can cut right through to the heart of the issue, and although huge barriers are being broken down and massive mountains climbed, I have always felt safe and at ease during the sessions. Thank you Alpa, for your understanding, your healing, and your loving presence. Thanks, for being my Theta healer. Everyone should have one!
Irene Pizzie

Dear Alpa, knowing that you are there for me with your healing words and your ability to make me feel at peace is priceless! Alpa you make the world a better place! Thank you very much.
Marli da Silva

Alpa gently asked me pertinent questions about my health issue, and very soon I was in a theta state. The session was quite wonderful and I connected with my inner core, recognising the source of my problem with her help. Many thanks Alpa, you are truly gifted.
Pam Carruthers, Astrologer and Web Designer

I have known Alpa for quite sometime now. Working with her always leaves me speechless. I admire her enthusiasm, dedication and the warmth that she brings into her work. She always lights up the process and makes it simple and clear. It’s been a journey with you. I honour you and the love you shower into everything you do. I wish you all the luck and love.
Karishma Lalwani, Theta Healing Master & Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®

Alpa is very committed to her own healing journey. During training Alpa developed skill and confidence in working with others around many aspects of ThetaHealing including the all-important digging and belief work. Alpa loves and honours this sacred work and holds great promise as a healer and upcoming teacher.
Lynsey Anne Beswick Master & Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®

Alpa introduced me to Theta Healing® when we were colleagues at a London hospital. Alpa is very intuitive and great at identifying beliefs that no longer serve you. I find the process very relaxing and peaceful. Alpa is fantastic at what she does and I would totally recommend a session with her. Naomi Davidson, Pharmacist

ThetaHealing Teaching:

The course was life-changing, complete and a powerful transformation. Alpa was outstanding. Anonymous

Very well organised, taught thoroughly, profound learnings. Loved her teaching. The style was easy to follow, I learned alot. Also her warm, bubbly nature gave a special, unique feel and wonderful atmosphere. All was perfect. Natalia Nad, practitioner.

The course was challenging. Alpa’s teaching was excellent. Highly recommended class! (Game of Life) Elizabeth Marcano-Mortlock

One of the best classes I have taken, Alpa is a fabulous teacher who is always present and willing to provide help whenever it is needed. I can’t recommend her as a teacher highly enough!! Bettina Henriksen

Enjoyed, easy flow, directive when necessary to keep the focus, personable teacher. I would recommend this class to others. (Advanced)  M C-P

Inspirational and amazing. I loved every minute. Thank you! Everything was in divine order and went smoothly. The perfect weekend Really excited about doing the Advanced! (Basic Class) Sally Jane Roberts

Excellent communication. Lovely teacher. Very much enjoyed the class. (Advanced) Sally Jane Roberts

Alpa taught in a way that met everyone’s needs, she gave space for discussion and exploration. She has a calm, nurturing style which empowers you as a student. Her knowledge is endless! Tracey Harley

I found the whole process amazing and Alpa is a great teacher who makes a difference in people’s lives by the way that she connects with her students. Well done Alpa! Keep up the good work! I found the class really helpful and would recommend it to others so they can get their own experience of ThetaHealing! Filipe Silva

Pharmacist Consultations in a Pharmacy

Alpa, I want to thank you for your valid advice given to me, to regain control of my blood sugar levels which at that given time, were all over the place. The right types of food and quantity which you had suggested brought me good results and since then my blood sugar levels have been under control, enabling me to make healthy choices and opt for the right type of food.

Your advice on food preparation using less oil, less salt and the goodness of baked food has also brought about a change in my eating habits, resulting in me meeting healthy blood sugar levels. I have now developed healthy and sensible eating habits with good day to day control of my blood sugars and a reduction in my insulin usage. This is shown in my blood testing and the doctors are very happy with this progress.