Theta Healing Classes London

theta-healing-classesAlpa teaches Theta Healing Classes in Central London locations.

Interested in knowing more?  Where do I start?

Most people tend to start their introduction to Theta Healing with a session and like to experience the benefits for themselves.

After that, they feel inspired to learn the technique so they can go onto practice on themselves and friends. Others have that instant and immediate knowing that they just want to take a class.

This is often the more popular route for those who already have experience with energy healing as a therapist or have been dabbling with energy work for some time.

Alpa started ThetaHealing by experiencing the profound shifts for herself with individual sessions and went on to take classes. There was no stopping her after that!

If you’re new to ThetaHealing®, you can start with either the 3-day Basic DNA2 class, or you can take the Soul Mate Day, which is open to non-practitioners. Children can start learning with the Rainbow Children Class, which opens up their intuitive awareness.

Theta Healing classes comprise of several different levels.

Foundation Level: Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2 and Dig Deeper)

Mastery: Foundation Level Classes, Intuitive Anatomy.

Certificate of Science: Pre-requisite Mastery Classes, World Relations, Disease and Disorder, DNA3.

Elective Classes: Manifesting and Abundance, Game of Life, Plant, Animal, Soul Mates, RHYTHM, Family Ties, Rainbow Children and many more.

DNA4: Planes of Existence Instructor.

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If you’d prefer a Theta Healing private class for a select few, this can also be arranged at a venue of your choice.