Booking Appointments with Alpa

Your Options

Skype®/ FaceTime® or telephone sessions allow you to make savings on your healing.

They also allow you to get out of the rat race and relax in a comfortable environment without having to worry about getting through the traffic or being flustered because you’re running late.

They are just as effective as in person sessions.

In-person sessions are charged at a slightly higher rate in order to accomodate room hire fees.

Once you’ve made your payment, we will organise a suitable time for your session.

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Consultations 30 minutes
(Better suited to practitioners or those who have had sessions before)
60 minutes£125
Prescheduled packages
Quantum Leap:
6 week package

Includes welcome questionnaire and analysis, 5 sessions & email support throughout & 2 weeks after we finish£655
Game Of Life, Game Changer
(8 x 60 mins)
Via Skype
Each session will be pre-scheduled over 8 weeks
Quantum Transformation:
12 week package
Includes welcome questionnaire and analysis, 9 sessions & email support throughout & 3 weeks after we finish£1150