World Relations

Love all around the worldVenue: Central London

Exchange: £597

Dates: to be confirmed


For Practitioners: Basic, Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy classes

For Instructors: Basic and Advanced Instructors classonly.

The world has become a much smaller place these days. We find ourselves surrounded by many different cultures in our daily lives. World travel is on the up, we enjoy foods from different countries and cultures regularly yet, we might find there are some things about certain people that grate on our nerves. Are there particular countries that you feel completely at home in or others where even the idea of a free holiday is completely unappealing? Perhaps you despise parts of your own culture.

The World Relations class was developed to enable ThetaHealers® to release hidden prejudices, unresolve issues or beliefs about people, their cultures, customs and stereotypical points of view.  These may stem from ancestral beliefs passed down through DNA, attached to fear, anger and hatred towards countries, land, and indigenous people.

By doing this, we are able to enjoy the rich diversity within our ever-expanding multicultural societies and be able to have more ease within ourselves and communities. Healing the world begins by healing ourselves. This class is the perfect tool to “Be the Change” and practically bring about World Peace.

world-relations manual


Day 1 & 2: Focus on various countries of the world with an overview of their beliefs and customs

Day 3: Focus on belief structures and functionality related to the alternative healing world

Day 4 & 5: Focus on religions of the world and their beliefs as well as people from various backgrounds, professions, walks of life. Learn how to accept people for who they truly are with grace and unconditional love.