Game Of Life

Game of life Theta Healing classVenue: London

Exchange: £470

Dates: To be confirmed for 2016, please contact me if you’d like more details

Time: 9.30am – 6pm

Come and join us for this truly inspirational and transforming class to bounce your way through the spring as you learn how to take more than a leap of faith out of your comfort zone into the life of your dreams!!!

Learn how to become a successful player of the Game of Life. Join Alpa in this 3 day transformational class and they will provide you with the tools and strategies to equip you with a positive approach to your life!

This class has been created from real-life success cases and gives you, the practitioner an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and install hundreds of new feelings to achieve greater success in life and business.

Areas include:

  • The opportunity to consolidate belief work skills
  • Learning to free yourself from parental obligations
  • Releasing the past from creating your current future
  • Acceptance by society
  • Learning to handle and dissolve peer pressure
  • Receiving infinite abundance
  • Get ready to succeed in the Game of Life
  • Visioning and Manifestation exercises to allow you to see and feel your new future.

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Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced DNA 2

This course is well-placed for you to strengthen your belief work skills and understanding of the techniques used in ThetaHealing before you decide to take Manifesting and Abundance or Intuitive Anatomy.

It has been strategically placed and designed so that whichever level the practitioner is at, they are guaranteed to achieve whatever it is that they wish from the class.

New to Theta Healing?

You will find that this class will allow you to clarify the direction you want to take your spiritual and healing journey. Are you unsure about committing to Intuitive Anatomy? Do you want to be sure that Theta Healing is right for you? You will  find the digging work will strengthen and refine your skills so that both Manifesting and Abundance and Intuitive Anatomy classes will be easier for you to reach new depths of clearing. The  group exercises which focus on looking at your divine timing and visualisation techniques, will allow you to see where your future lies and what you are here to accomplish in this lifetime. By the end of this class, you will understand all of these things and leave feeling clearer about them.

Experienced Practitioner or Instructor?

This class will show you where you might still be holding yourself back in creating your dream future and the business of your life. This class was taken by many Certificates of Science and Master Instructors who all benefited from the experience. See below for testimonials from some of the participants.

Game of Life took over 3 years to develop and was introduced outside of Japan for the first time since its conception, in August 2012. It is a life-changing program written and recommended by Hiroyuki Miyazaki for anyone wanting to accomplish their dreams, goals and objectives in their lives.

From Hiro’s experiences, practitioners who have taken this course experienced immediate and practical results in their lives, such as

  • An increase in their business
  • Meeting their soulmate
  • Improved relationships
  • Creating abundance
  • Acquiring a place to live and work
  • Achieving the kind of life they had only dreamed about

There are 6 belief work sessions over three days, using comprehensive belief checklists based on the areas listed above. Additionally, there are 2 group sessions, focusing on Divine Timing and manifesting.

The checklists have been created based upon real-life cases to achieve practical results. Even experienced ThetaHealers will find many limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Vianna and Guy found that their business improved by 33% after taking this class with Hiro.

So are YOU ready to

  • make some of the biggest, quantum shifts in your ThetaHealing journey and therefore in your life?
  • understand how staying within your comfort zone is preventing you from creating the life you want?
  • break out of your comfort zone?
  • get into the driver’s seat of your life?
  • stretch your mind and the limits of your imagination to allow abundance to flow freely into every area and aspect of your life?

If so, then you ARE ready to embark upon the Game of Life and lead the kind of life in reality that you probably only ever dreamed about. Show the Universe that you’re committed to living the life of your dreams and book here

To learn more about what people think about Alpa and why you should choose her for this course, click here.

Testimonials from Alpa’s previous classes

I have just completed the Game of Life ThetaHealing course with Alpa and I have to say it was a brilliant experience. Alpa is a very competent and caring teacher.  She clearly knew the material inside and out.   More importantly though, she held space for the class beautifully, provided exactly the right environment, and was alert to the needs of all the students throughout.  She has a lovely manner, and if you are looking for the next step in your healing journey, I definitely recommend Alpa to you as a wonderful spiritual teacher. Dr Anne Whitehouse PhD ThetaHealing Master, UK

Having completed the Game of Life with Alpa Pabari I would highly recommend the course. Alpa has a thorough understanding of the workshop, which she runs with humour and compassion. I felt I was in a safe and supported space whilst working through my issues. HM

Alpa has a beautiful clear energy and a deep commitment to healing and unconditional love. She is a true asset to anyone searching for spiritual growth. The Game of Life course will gracefully guide you down the path of spiritual awakening for us all to take the next step or leap of faith! The volume of information in the course gives practical tools to transform and manifest your life. I would highly recommend the Game of Life course with Alpa; her generosity and love are inspiring! Love and gratitude, Lisa Halliday

“The Game of Life is awesome! Before attending this course life was moving along nicely but it still felt as though I was sometimes walking through mud, so to speak. After the first day my manifestations were coming through thick and fast. Letting go of the past has never been easier since this course. Life now flows with such ease and grace, it is wonderful. I felt very supported and nurtured by Alpa and Andy, no question was too complicated or “ridiculous”. If there is one course you have to take it is definitely the Game of Life, it will change your outlook on everything and you will ask the question, “Why is this as an elective course, it really should be a pre-requisite for all the others after the Basic and Advanced.”

“I had no plans to do this course. It appeared at what I considered to be the “wrong” time. I couldn’t see how I could accommodate it in my schedule or financially. In the end my close ThetaHealing peer and friend begged me to do it. I had a tentative chat with Alpa and to my surprise she made it possible. With no expectation but a tiny flame of curiosity, I embarked on the Game of Life. This course enabled me to realise the powerful hold that values and beliefs of family, society and peers have on my innate potential. What makes this course stand out is the powerful, penetrating and all encompassing techniques which freed me from limiting subconscious conditioning quicker and more effectively. One of the most profound messages that came from this course was that life conspires to direct us to fulfil our true purpose – a path of joy, happiness, fulfilment and abundance. All we need to do is be receptive to a wisdom and knowledge far greater than our own. By the end of the course, I left with a set of tools that now allow me to:

  • give more to my clients in the same amount of time
  • have more clarity on my life’s Higher purpos
  • experience the truth of my beauty, talents, power, Godliness

Thank you Alpa and Andy for the love, trust and patience you have shown through this life transforming experience! GOL is a necessary step for anyone who is serious about deepening their mastery of self ;life and offering the best ThetaHealing practitioning to their clients! Wishing you increasing success for the future!” Hilary Facey

Testimonials from ThetaHealing® Instructors who took the class in Idaho, August 2012:

Game of Life is a phenomenal class that will teach you how you can become successful at living your life. You will learn how each stage of this carefully crafted course will address issues that you probably thought were already dealt with, might still be having some energetic hold on you creating your dreams into reality. After shifting these and liberating yourself from these old ties, you then learn how to push through your comfort zone and envision yourself in your new life. This class is the complete package for anyone who still feels stuck after having made many changes in their ThetaHealing® journey.

Alpa Pabari, ThetaHealing® Master Theta Healer and Certificate of Science Instructor. London & Essex, UK


Game of Life cleared things at a very, very deep level, some of which I had worked on, but the clearing was deeper. The Game of Life class touches on many things like peer reaction to your success, attachment to past jobs, relationships, successes, failures, parent obligations, jealousy and competition, accepting by society, and of course manifestation and abundance. It challenges you to look at changing limiting beliefs and move forward in your life right NOW. I highly recommend it!

Suzanne Roloff, ThetaHealing® Master Theta Healer and Certificate of Science Instructor.  Madison, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I can tell you that Game of Life is really one the best courses I ever had. It really made me go through blocking beliefs I didn’t even imagine and my manifestation ability has increased alot. You will love it.

Elena González, ThetaHealing® Master Theta Healer and Certificate of Science Instructor. Queretaro and Mexico City, Mexico

Game of Life showed how my past REALLY was still playing itself out in my present–how I am attached to the past, how it limits me and how it re-creates itself. This was the epiphany class for me. The first day of class brought me both new clients and released me from blocks no longer serving me. It freed me my future up in a way that was really tangible.

Kathrine Williams, ThetaHealing® Master Theta Healer and Certificate of Science Instructor. Petersborough, Ontario, Canada


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